Treatment & Payment Policy

  1. Any and all forms requiring signature before, during, and after treatment must be signed by patient in order for treatment to begin, continue and end.
  2. All treatment and fees will be agreed upon at the free consultation appointment, and confirmed with a Financial Agreement before work begins. All fees are the same whether dental insurance is involved or not.
  3. One half of all fees is to be paid at the first impression appointment.
  4. We will gladly process the paperwork required for your insurance company(ies).*
    Please note: It is a contract between the patient and their insurance company(ies). Due to Canadian Privacy Legislation (PIPEDA) enacted January 01, 2004, insurance companies will no longer send payment to any office on behalf of the patient; we no longer accept direct payment from insurance companies.
  5. Patients, who wish to proceed with treatment before any written notice is received from their insurance company(ies) confirming coverage, are entirely responsible for all fees incurred. All fees, despite any confirmation of coverage, are the responsibility of the patient.
  6. Full payment is due at the second last appointment.